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One of the biggest lies is that Ethiopia was never colonized. It is a lie promoted by the Solomonid Dynasty and their British colonial masters

by Aline UWITONZE 23 November. 2019 @UbwiruKirimbuzi.com 390 Views

Northern Lights
Northern Lights

Was Ethiopia Colonized?

One of the biggest lies is that Ethiopia was never colonized. It is a lie promoted by the Solomonid Dynasty and their British colonial masters. Why would Britain not want you to think of Ethiopia as colonized?

Because Ethiopia was to serve the same role as the token Black overseer on the plantation, to keep the other Blacks in check for the European master. Why else did the Europeans insist on Ethiopia being the location of the African Union.

I'm not saying this to take away from our great history; I wish I could say at least one Black nation escaped colonization. But to lie does more harm because a slave that doesn't know he is a slave is in more danger than the slave who does. Thus, I will explain exactly how it is that Ethiopia was actually colonized.

First of all, while Menelik the Great did defeat the Europoids in 1896, they returned during the reign of Haile Selassie in 1936. This time the Europoids were victorious. The fact that Eritrea even exists (it was really just Ethiopia before Europeans invaded), proves the impact European imperialism has in modern Ethiopia. Like an effeminate pop star, Selassie ran away to save his own butt, letting his people die by the hundreds of thousands by Italian invasion.

This is why before his death, Marcus Garvey was very clear that Selassie was NOT the liberator but is quoted saying that "at best, he (Selassie) is a slave master."

Like other African king slavemasters, Selassie ran to Britain. The British came and removed the Italians from power, reinstituting Selassie as the puppet king. Ethiopia became a land of unprecedented poverty and starvation, while Selassie toured the world to represent Britain's benevolence in Africa. The British & French were struggling to impose Christianity in its colonies, and Selassie served as the token face for Africans to embrace christianity and believe this embrace would save them from a more oppressive colonization. Selassie spoke across Africa, telling them to be patient and obedient to the European masters, pretending that if they did so they will become "free" rulers like him.

As a result of Selassie's tokenism, Christianity began to be widely adopted by Africans. However, in Ethiopia the illusion of Selassie as a liberator was not sustained. The people rose up and removed his treacherous Solomonid Dynasty from power.

However, long before the British or Italians, Ethiopia was actually colonized in the 4th-century by the Greek Byzantines. This is why the great monument stelae of the Ethiopian Emperor Ezana uses the Ethiopian language only on the sides of the stelae, while Greek is the language used as the primary language written on the face of the monument. Why would Ezana give Greek higher status than his own language? Because he was submitting to them as his colonial masters. He betrayed his African deity and African neighbor in order to ally with the Christian Greeks for a joint attack on his rival Kush.

It is key to understand that when he adopted Christianity for Ethiopia, he was not establishing an independent church. The modern Ethiopian-Eritrean Orthodox Church is a 20th-century invention. Prior to this, it did not exist as an independent church but as a subsidiary of the greater Orthodox Church. This is why the head of Ethiopia was not the Emperor of Ethiopia but the Pope of Alexandria. While Alexandria is in Egypt, it is not Egyptian (named after Alexander the Treacherous), but Greek. This is why the official title of the church's leader is "Pope of Alexandria and All of Africa."

While Africanamericans invent fictional histories of Christian Ethiopia in order to validate their own christianity, the Ethiopians themselves make no history of being the origin of Christianity. They proudly proclaim that two Greeks from Syria (which was also a colony of the Greco-Romans) came to Ethiopia and converted the king.

This is why, from very early on, the Ethiopians did not portray Jesus as Black like them. The majority of the Ethiopian churches (all the ones built for royalty) depict Jesus in the racial image of Greeks (dark wavy hair with tan or olive skin). Only a few more recent small churches in remote locations depicted him otherwise. All of the churches in the "holy" city of Aksum, including the one claiming to house the Ark of the Covenant, depict him as a Greek. In the accompanying photo, this is not an African in a Europoid's church. Notice the inscription in the painting is written in Ethiopic-Amharic. This is an Ethiopian painting in an Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It's just not an Ethiopian perspective of God in his own image. The Ethiopians, like all other Black Christians, have always been in love with worshipping Eurasians.

The reason I am giving you this information--even if it upsets your pride in an unconquered Ethiopia--is to expose not only the enemy, but also his token Blacks who serve him, for they are far more dangerous than him.


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